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how to wear

how to wear

-once your multi-layered insulated, or "mli" gold package lands from space and arrives, you now get to experience a one of a kind garment created in 2020 to bring you a viable option for mask wear in the new normal. as illustrated below by the amazing artist, Dan Panosian, in the Birth of a Space Mammal.

- remove the garment from the package.

-pull your new world hoodie over your head.

-position the wishbone bridge bracket over the bridge of your nose and form to your nose.

-with your hands on the anchor toggle pull on the tension gasket cord till the mask fits snug around your face.

-as you let go, the face hoodie will fit to your face.

-the mask should be positioned on the bridge of you nose with the wishbone bridge bracket to the top of your cheekbones and below your ear lobe to the base of your neck comfortably.

-now you are ready for the new world! your one small step is all it takes, Godspeed! Love and Light!


how to care

- use the right detergent

- remove stains right away

- don't use fabric softener

- turn face hoodie inside out before washing

- wash with similar items

- run an extra rinse cycle

- skip dryer air dry

- may fit loose in 0 gravity




size guide
Size Body Shoulder Sleeve
xs 26 17.5 25
s 27 18.5 25.25
m 28 19 25.75
l 29 19.75 26.25
xl 30 20.75 26.75